New Fence

Hello, friends! Long time no chat…Don’t worry, though, we’ve been plenty busy. I have so many projects I can’t wait to share with you, now it’s just finding the time to do so 🙂

One of our big final projects with the house was fencing in our backyard. We had originally intended to hire someone to do it, but after getting it priced, we decided to suck it up and do it ourselves. And, after 6+ hours spent at Home Depot trying to figure out the amount of supplies we needed, six trips back and forth because of an unfortunate Quickrete mishap, and three days of labor, we had our fence! Luckily, we were able to tie the fence into two of our neighbors’ fences, so that saved quite a bit of work (and money!). When all was said and done, we ended up saving well over $1000 by doing it ourselves. However, we had friends that loaned us some of the big tools (we rented the others), so that helped save money as well.

Take a look below at the fence transformation! Next year we’ll be staining it, but we have to wait a year for the wood to set first (thank goodness). I’m pretty darn proud of it, and Calvin LOVES it for squirrel/rabbit/cat chasing!

Fence Project

Fence Project

Fence Project

Fence Project

Fence Project

Fence Project

Fence Project



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