New House—Kitchen Details

I’ve made it to the final post about our kitchen redo (for now!). After painting the cabinets and adding some color through updated lighting and window coverings, I had a few small craft projects to add to the space for finishing touches. The first was actually Max’s idea: Adding chalkboard paint to our pantry doors. We had chalkboard bulletin boards in our last place on which we wrote out the menu for the week, or various to-do lists, so this worked out perfect being right by the kitchen and the back door. (*I will say, it’s perfect to make lists for your significant other to accomplish while you’re away…and you can make it look pretty so it doesn’t seem like you’re asking them to do as much. Hehehe)

How to Chalkboard Paint Your Cabinetry

What You’ll Need:

  1. Remove the hinges from the cabinetry, place doors in a well-ventilated location (outside is best if the weather is nice). Spray a layer of chalkboard paint evenly on the doors. Let dry for 24 hours.
  2. Apply a second even coating to the doors. Let dry 24 hours. Reattach hinges and hang.
  3. Prep surface by coating it with chalk. Wipe off with wet rag. Buy some chalk and get writing 😉 (BTW, didn’t the kitchen color turn out great? Love me some baby elephant!)

Chalkboard Pantry Doors Chalkboard Doors

In addition to the color in our hand towels, rug, and valance, I wanted to add a little artwork to the kitchen. However, since we have large cutouts in the walls of our kitchen, there isn’t a whole lot of wall space to work with. I decided to make a few pictures to hang on either supporting wall to tie in to the other colors in the kitchen. Super simple and turned out pretty cute in the space!

Kitchen Artwork

What You’ll Need:

  • Stencil of kitchen desired kitchen utensils or Cricut (I used From My Kitchen cartridge)
  • Colorful patterned paper, cut into small squares
  • Tape
  • 8×10 black matted frames
  1. If you’re using a stencil, print your desired shape and cut out. Trace onto paper; cut out. If using a Cricut, cut out the desired shape.
  2. Arrange your patterned paper how you want it to look in the frame and secure with tape. Tape the kitchen utensil silhouette to the front of the patterned paper arrangement.
  3. Position in frame, then hang!

Kitchen Artwork Kitchen Artwork

Our final crafty addition (for now) was these wine cork balls. Since one of the openings looks into our dining room that houses our bar hutch, they were well-suited for the space. I love wine, so the addition of any artwork with wine corks fit well in our house!

Wine Cork Balls

What You’ll Need:

  • LOTS of corks (Believe me, you’ll need more than you think. If you’re not a huge wine drinker, ask friends, or stop by a local wineshop or distributor. Oftentimes, they’ll have a bunch that they’ll end up throwing away!)
  • Hot-glue gun
  • Glue sticks (You’ll need a lot of these, too!)
  • Different-size foam balls
  • Twine
  1. Heat up hot-glue gun; place a good-size dab of hot glue on one side of the cork. Attach to the foam ball. Repeat this step until the ball is covered. (There is no real pattern on how to put these on. I just randomly placed them on there and they filled in nicely. I even used champagne corks! The more varied corks, the better!)
  2. Cut a piece of twine to desired length for a loop to hang. Tie in knot, then hot-glue twine to foam ball. Let dry. Hang!

Wine-Cork-Balls DIY-Wine-Cork-Balls

What are some fun ways you’ve added personality to your kitchen?



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