New House—Kitchen Color


After finishing the kitchen cabinets (see kitchen cabinet redo here!), I wanted to add a bit of color to the space. Our overall color scheme throughout the main floor is varied grays—our kitchen color is a light gray we deemed “baby elephant”—so I wanted some pops of color to liven up the kitchen. I’ve always loved the combo of yellow and gray, and since my favorite color is green, I decided on a gray and yellow scheme with accents of blue and green. I’m lucky enough to have a friend who’s extremely handy (thanks, J!), so she went to work on making me a valance for the kitchen to update the colorless window blinds that currently occupied the space. We picked out a fun, inexpensive fabric from the crafts store and she sewed that sucker right up. Before hanging the new valance, we had to install a small curtain rod, which was a simple fix. And bonus! The rod had little bird finials on the end. So cute! Max didn’t approve at first, but he came around eventually. 🙂

Sneak peek!

Next on the list? The hanging light. We had already replaced the lightbox, which was a huge improvement to the kitchen lighting, so to save some money, we decided to keep the hanging light fixture. It was plain beige, not too terrible looking, but to add a pop of color, I decided on a mustardy yellow to brighten the space. Our handyman removed the light since it was attached to our vaulted ceiling (not easily accessible), and I got to work spray-painting it. The color/brand I ended up with was: Valspar 12 Oz. Hubbell House Golden Maize Satin Spray Paint from Lowe’s, and aside from the giant yellow ring on my driveway, it turned out a great, richly colored yellow. Our handyman hung the light back up once dry and we were on our way!


Such little projects to make a big difference! What are your favorite color schemes for a kitchen?


One thought on “New House—Kitchen Color

  1. For this house, we are keeping things white. How boring! BUT I will add colour via, tea towels, artwork and bits and bobs scattered throughout. In twelve years we’ve completely renovated four houses. The kitchen colours have been. purple, orange and most recently a mushroom colour.

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