Holiday Recap

Happy Holidays!! I hope everyone had a fabulous break and got everything they asked for. Max and I had a great couple days with family, and we have even more to come this weekend! We even got snow at the end of last week to make the holidays extra festive (and cold). This was the first year Max and I spent the entirety of “holiday break” in Des Moines, and let me just say, not having to travel made everything a whole lot less stressful. Trying to cart our dog from house to house isn’t the most enjoyable, and since we could leave him at home while we were at my parents’ house, it made for a much more relaxed day and night.

And of course, what’s a holiday without delicious food? There will be plenty of posts to come in the next few days recounting the tasty treats and entrees we had, but for now, a few pictures from our Christmas celebration will have to do. Enjoy — and stay warm! 🙂


The lovely Christmas tablescape


Time for dinner!


Carving the Christmas pork roast


Now THAT’S a pork roast.


We wish you a Merry Christmas


And the corgis do, too!


Now let’s eat 🙂



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