Photo Diary: Seafood Feast

My family loves food. It’s safe to say that most of our family functions revolve around food. And being from the Pacific Northwest, our family especiallllly loves seafood. Last October, we took a trip out to Seattle to visit relatives, take in the sights, and, of course, enjoy some tasty seafood. This year, since we weren’t choosing our seafood fresh off the boat, we settled for the next best thing: My dad ordered seafood straight from Pike Place Market and had it flown in so we could feast on the best seafood in the country in a place where seafood isn’t too plentiful.

The French word for seafood is “fruits de mer,” translating to “fruits of the sea,” and it couldn’t be more accurate. I love every type of seafood, each a little delicacy in its own right. Although my hands are still in a bit of pain from some serious crab cracking, it was well worth it. And let’s just say that if there were a crab-cracking competition, I would most likely enter and win it all. πŸ™‚

Seafood of choice: scallops, dungeness, mussels.

2/3 of the chefs.

Mussels prep.

Mussels seasoning.

Fishing for mussels.

Finished mussels.

Scallops prep.

Cook in butter until opaque.


Top with proscuitto.

Finished mussels.

A crab a piece!

Large Caesar salad.

Salads are served.

Please can we have some?

Crabs +…

…everything else πŸ™‚

Let the feast begin.

Mmmm, mussels…

Yes, I am a professional crab-cracker.

Crab middle finger.


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