Friday Funs

Why hello, first Friday in October! My favorite month is here, and with it comes changing leaves, bonfires, pumpkins, costumes…there isn’t anything about October that I don’t like, except seeing it come to an end. Why is it that fall, the best season, is also the shortest season? I better enjoy the crisp days (which are finally here!) and the chilly nights as much as I can before winter hits!

My top five for the week are as follows…

  1. Lunch dates. Obviously this would make my list since going out to eat is one of my favorite things. I went to Exile Brewing Co. on Monday and Noodle Zoo on Wednesday. Both lunches were delicious!

    Noodle Zoo: Mac & Cheese + Salad

    Exile Brewing Company: Fish & Chips

  2. Color Run. Yep, it’s this Saturday. And let’s just say that Max and I have a little surprise up our sleeves in the costume department. Prepare yourself for the pictures to come.
  3. Thai + Allspice + Continental. These are a few of my favorite things…I’m doing a happy dance in my head just thinking about it! Tonight I’m hitting up the East Village with Carrie for a food-and-drink fiesta. I’m prepared to launch myself into a Thai food coma, only to follow it up with some more snacks and a few drinks. It’s Allspice’s (the go-to spot for any spices or oils/vinegars in DSM) 2nd birthday party, and I’ve heard there will be cheese…mmm…
  4. Les Mills Launch Week. Every three months, the Les Mills instructors at Gold’s Gym (and at gyms worldwide!) present the new music and choreography to the members. Starting this past Saturday and ending today, we’ve been debuting the new tunes and moves…I’ve been teaching even more classes than usual and have had the opportunity of teaching with some instructors I don’t usually get to teach with.  It’s been a good time, and even though my legs want to kill me right about now, I promise, they’ll thank me later. 🙂
  5. Bonfire, baby. Give me bonfire or give me death. One of my favorite things of fall (as mentioned above) is the smell of bonfire…I love love love it. If I could have air fresheners and candles that mimicked the scent, I would buy whatever was in stock. I don’t even mind if it lingers on my clothes the next day. I DO mind when I sit too close and it burns my eyes…doesn’t feel great. Saturday night, I’m heading out to Britt’s house for a Fall Party that involves, you guessed it, a bonfire! And food. And friends. Count me in.

Honorable Mention: My new boots came in. This should be number one, but I’ve been trying to downplay my excitement since someeee people don’t think boots are an integral part of the fall/winter season. But for those of you who appreciate a good pair o’ boots like I do…they’re so beautiful. I’ve already managed to screw up the plate on the back of them, but that’s neither here nor there…I’m not meant to have nice things. I just end up loving them too much!


What are your plans for the first weekend in October?


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