Friday Fun Day

This Friday, I had the privilege of eating out twice…can you say best day ever? My mom and I kicked off the day with a long walk, followed by a bike ride downtown for lunch. We dined at Exile Brewing Company, a new brewery on the west side of downtown. It was my first time actually eating there, and I will definitely be going back. Not sure which route I wanted to go for my lunch, I finally settled on a classic lunch combo: soup and salad. The beer cheese soup was delicious, and topping it with giant corn nuts only added to how much I enjoyed it…I freaking love corn nuts. Next, I went with the shrimp chop salad, a simple chop salad with chilled shrimp, greens, fried shallots, green olives, and finished with a chunky blue cheese dressing. If soup and salad aren’t your thing, there are plenty of other delicious options on their menu…next time I’ll be trying those fish and chips!! Although their beers aren’t exactly my style, they’re tasty all the same. I can’t wait to see what else they come out with!

Soup + Salad

Shrimp chop


Following up a tasty lunch and a gorgeous bike ride, I met Ashley for happy hour at The Standard downtown. I really like the atmosphere of this martini bar. Right off Court Ave., I wasn’t expecting this bar to have such a relaxed, chill atmosphere, especially on a Friday evening. And on top of delicious martinis, the food is pretty good, too! Ashley and I split a few tapas — bruschetta, crab cakes, and my favorite, shrimp and mushrooms in a creamy wine sauce (I forget it’s official name!). They hit the spot after having a few boozy martinis. I tried a Side Car and a White Pear Cosmo martini — and the best part? During happy hour, all of their martinis are only $5! Such a good deal! I had a Groupon, so we ended up getting $30 worth for only $15. It was a great day full of awesome food, drinks, and friends/fam. Fridays are the best 🙂

Naughty dog with his birthday bone…

Cocktail #1: Side Car

Baby bruschettas

Shrimps + shrooms YUM!

Lovely ladies 🙂




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