Labor Day Weekend: Food Edition

Who am I kidding? What I looked forward to the most on our trip wasn’t the football or baseball game, but instead, the delicious food and drinks. With only one night to go out to eat in Chicago, my parents, Max, and I decided to make the most of it, stopping off at three places for food/drinks before crashing back at the hotel. Below is a beautiful food timeline documenting our delicious stops. Enjoy!


First drink: Bloody Mary on the bus — surprisingly not as difficult to make on a moving bus as I thought! And yes, that’s a beef stick straw.

First Stop: Awesome Mexican restaurant right by the hotel (I forget the name, but it’s directly out the side door of the Courtyard Marriott on Hubbard!) Blueberry Margarita…amazing.

What’s a Mexican restaurant without a massive bowl of queso?

Quartino’s Italian restaurant was stop #2. We ordered about 7 small plates and a bottle of vino and shared everything. Pretty good food, not the best Italian I’ve ever had. And BOY was it noisy!

Time for POP Champagne bar, stop #3 — $800-1000 bottles of champagne? WTH.

Champagne cocktail + traditional champagne.

What’s a birthday without a dessert platter?

Bite-size treats!

Max finished off the weekend strong with this massive burrito from El Cactus in Iowa City. And yes, he cleaned his plate…










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