Friday Funs

My Friday Funs have been few and far between this summer. Too many fun things have taken place that I haven’t had time to post about them! For this past week, there were a lot of positives, but I’ll keep it at five, as promised 🙂

  1. Nik & Rachel. My brother and sister-in-law have been in town for a week and it’s been great! So good to see them and spend time with them, as they’re moving in a few months to Ann Arbor. We’ve done a whole lot of good things, and most of them include good food and drinks. My mom’s birthday was Saturday, so we all went out for a delicious meal to celebrate. We took family pictures Monday night (done by the amazing Anna Jones!), I made pizzas for my mom and Rachel Wednesday night, and we went to lunch Thursday to finish off the week! The week flew by to say the least.
  2. Max started school! Back to ISU he goes (some Hawkeye fan ;)) Wednesday was his first official day of class, and I’m so proud of him for jumping back in to finish up!
  3. Baru 66 date. To celebrate his loss of freedom (hehe) before school started, we went on a hot dinner dateon Tuesday night to one of our all-time faves, Baru 66. We took advantage of Restaurant Week and had an outstanding meal!

    Salmon from Baru 66

  4. Wilton trip. Today, my mom and I take off for good ol’ Wilton, Iowa, for Founder’s Day. My family is from Wilton (right by Muscatine, 3o minutes from IC), and the town has a yearly festival that we haven’t attended in years! So my mom and I are going to go party it up with relatives 🙂 My uncles will be there, so I’m sure we’ll have plenty of laughs.
  5. Final slowpitch games. Well, Sunday will be bittersweet. Our last slowpitch Sunday has arrived. I’ve had so much fun with my team this year, and it’s been awesome getting to know everyone from Integer. And let me just say, we have made leaps and bounds from our first game of the season. We have a chance to win the whole tourney! Wish us luck 😉

How is your weekend looking? Any fun plans?



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