Dad Dates: Zombie Burger

My dad’s wish came true…we finally went to Zombie Burger. I’ve been a few times since it opened last year, and as much as I love George Formaro’s restaurants and everything he’s about, I was not a ZB fan. Maybe it’s because I don’t like burgers, or maybe it’s because seeing zombies on the wall while I eat my food sort of grossed out. Whatever the case, I was not super excited about our lunch date.

During my past visits, I’ve tried my fair share of menu items: deep-fried hot dog (pretty good!), portobello mushroom burger (not good), grilled chicken sandwich (eh…), pickle chips and cheese curds (awesome, obvi), fries (a bit soggy), shake (delicious!). Now I know what you’re thinking…don’t go to a burger joint and order something else other than a burger. But I just don’t like burgers! When I’ve gone with burger-lovers (i.e. my brother and Max), they loved it, atmosphere and all. And it probably doesn’t hurt that my brother is a crazy horror movie fanatic, so he actually understood the menu items. And I will admit, when I tried their burgers (the Walking Ched, mainly), it was definitely good. Besides, how bad can a burger topped with bacon and deep-fried mac & cheese be?

But enough of my rant, onto our lunch. We sat outside, beautiful day, and chose our entrees. Call me crazy, but I went with the House Salad…I know, I know, what was I thinking, but to my surprise, it was actually pretty good! Topped with corn, edamame, red onion, cucumber, and grilled chicken and finished with a red wine vinaigrette, I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. Everything was very fresh! My one complaint was with the chicken…I’m weird about chicken on my salad and this stuff was a bit rubbery tasting for my liking. But that was my fault, I shouldn’t have added chicken… My dad got a burger and fries, obviously. He chose the Planet Terror, topped with cheddar cheese, BBQ, bacon, ranch, and caramelized onion.

Did he love it? Duh. Was it as good as a burger from Centro, Django, Alba? No. ZB is a fun, inexpensive lunch destination that prides itself on deep-frying anything they can get their hands on, but the quality, in my not-so-expert opinion, is not the greatest. I’m sure that Mr. Formaro orders top-of-the-line ingredients (hence, the freshness of the salad), but when you deep-fry most everything, you lose a lot of the quality. However, I retract my current opinion of not really liking ZB. This visit, the fries were crisp, the bun wasn’t soggy, and even though I went with a salad and had SERIOUS food envy from the fried goodness around me, it was a good option for someone trying to get out of there without taking down 2000+ calories. And on a side note, they offer a fantastic beer selection. So for non-burger-lovas like me, I would recommend trying it out for Happy Hour — snacking on some fried pickle chips and downing a spiked shake or craft beer. I could get behind that 🙂

Zombie Burger lunch grade: B

ZB menus — all the latest zombie happenings…

Burger + Fries

Planet Terror, under the hood

House Salad + Grilled Chicken

Zombie decor.



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