High Trestle Trail

Happy Tuesday! Over the weekend, my parents, Max, and I decided to drive out to Woodward and bike the High Trestle Trail. My dad has been wanting to try it out ever since he moved here, and since the weather was absolutely gorgeous on Sunday, we decided to make a day of it. Woodward is about a 20-minute drive from West Des Moines, so we got out there about 12:30 and started our ride. I was obbbviously hungry, and to my pleasant surprise, the small towns along the trail have opened a few really fun bar & grills specifically for the bike traffic. We pulled off in Madrid and had a quick bite before setting off again.

Although the weather was beautiful, once we were out on the open trail with no shade, it was still pretty hot, so we only ended up going about 12 miles out and 12 miles back. It was a great ride, though! And the bridge is definitely worth seeing. The architecture was beautiful and the view of the Des Moines river was stunning! I almost forgot I was out in the middle of Iowa farmland 🙂 Next time you’re looking for a good place to ride, I would definitely recommend loading up your bikes and heading to this trail. You can go as far as 25 miles out and 25 miles back!

Below is a pic of the bridge courtesy of Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation. And the other one is courtesy of my dad 🙂


Mom & I



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