Dad Dates: Cool Basil

This week, when prompting my dad on what he would like to eat for our weekly luncheon, he had a simple response: Need some thai. And so, Thai food it was. We trekked west to Cool Basil, right off of University and 86th, for one of my favorite Thai places in West Des Moines. Although it’s located in the back of a rundown strip mall, the restaurant is fun, clean, and nicely decorated. They also have a great sushi bar, but today we had our eyes set on rice and noodle dishes.

I’ve been to Cool Basil many times before so I knew what I wanted. Healthy Rolls to start, followed by some Pineapple Fried Rice with tofu. My dad went with the traditional Pad Thai, but spiced it up with calamari. At Cool Basil, they allow you to choose your spice intensity. Since I’m a spice wuss, I went with “mild” while my dad opted for “medium.” Neither were too spicy, but believe me, much higher than that and it’s HOT! (Max has ordered the spiciest in the past and he could barely finish it!)

This little Thai restaurant is consistently delicious, whether I order sushi, noodles, or sample Ryan’s delectable catfish entree. The portions are GIGANTIC, though, so if you are with someone, consider sharing. I have enough for two more meals from my “lunch” portion! It’s a definite-must if you enjoy good Thai food 🙂

Healthy Rolls — tofu, veggies, and egg wrapped up and drizzled in a sweet-spicy sauce and topped with cilantro!

Pineapple Fried Rice with Tofu & Shrimp

Pad Thai with Calamari

Cool Basil Lunch Grade: A

I feel like I’ve only given out good grades so far. Either I just reallllly like food (true), or all of the places we’ve gone so far are just really good (also true). I guess it’s a good thing I don’t have any poor ratings on here! 🙂



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