Des Moines Arts Fest + Map Craft

This weekend was the annual Des Moines Arts Fest, where artists from all over the country set up shop in downtown Des Moines, bands play, food is eaten, and fun is had by all. I went for the first time last year and loved it, so Max and I headed down Saturday night to check it out again. We met up with my parents and some of our friends, browsed the art, and sampled some local food. It had been a rainy afternoon, so the temperature wound up being perfect for walking around all night. Starting off our Arts Fest excursion, we stopped off for some Mexican food and gyros (an odd but strangely good mix). Then, we snagged a beverage and paroozed the art. My mom bought a fun sheep print (below), and I bought this year’s Arts Fest print (they have a different print featured each year). Fireworks started up promptly at 10:00PM, so we snagged a drink at Americana and watched from the sculpture garden. We finished our night at Raccoon River Brewing Company with a few appetizers and some brews. It was a great night!


Parents and their friends 🙂

Raccoon River

Oh, the Places You’ll Go! — Map Craft

As I previously mentioned, Saturday afternoon was rather dreary and wet, so I decided to get in the Arts Fest mood and begin a project I’ve been wanting to make. I originally saw the idea on a BHG slideshow and decided to try making it my own. So, what it is: I am making a map of the US to track my travels. I will be framing it eventually and adding points and pictures to all of the places I’ve been (see the finished example from BHG below). I’m not nearly complete, but I managed to get all of the states cut out on Saturday…and let me tell you, it was NOT an easy task! It took me over four hours of researching state shapes and cutting each one out, freehand. Sizing them was a challenge in itself.  But in the end, it definitely paid off! It will be a great piece of artwork when I’m done that we can constantly add to 🙂 And our family friend is making me a custom frame to house my artwork. I just used random scrapbook paper I already had, so aside from a frame and printing out my pictures, it will be a super inexpensive project! Although it may not be worthy of being showcased at Arts Fest, I was pretty dang proud of my accomplishment!

Missing a few states…

All done! (Don’t look too closely at my states…some are a bit skewed!)

Original idea from BHG



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