Friday Funs

My Friday Funs have been lacking lately, and not because I haven’t been doing anything fun, but because I’ve been doing TOO MUCH and haven’t had enough time to write about it! In the past couple weeks, I’ve been to Jasper Winery Summer Concert Series (so fun!), had a coworker pool party, attended a Meredith picnic/Iowa Cubs game, celebrated Father’s Day, and caught up with old and new friends to name a few…this week, I’ve had some fun plans as well, and can’t wait for my weekend plans!

  1. Arts Fest! Yay, Des Moines Arts Fest is here! I went for the first time last year and had a blast browsing the beautiful, sometimes weird, booths and wishing I was a millionaire so I could afford $500 pieces of artwork. We’re heading down on Saturday this year and meeting up with Lena and Ben. Can’t wait!
  2. Moonlight & Magnolias. Wednesday night, Max, my parents, and I went to Moonlight and Magnolias at the DM Playhouse. Although I didn’t get all of the jokes (I’ve never actually seen Gone With the Wind, whoops!), it was something fun and different to try, and we will definitely be back soon (Seussical, a Dr. Seuss play, is coming in 2013 — much more my style!)
  3. No work. I’ve tweaked my current work schedule for the summer, and I no longer work on Fridays (for the most part). It’s so nice to work a little longer and have a shorter week. My mom and I have a fun day planned out — bike riding to the new property to see the progress on the house, and pattleboating on Grey’s Lake! Yay for an early start to the weekend!
  4. Sushi date. It’s been far too long since Max and I have gone out for sushi. Tuesday night, we went to Hoshi with some friends, and although it was pricey, the rolls were delish! I love me some sushi (although I must admit, we made popcorn once we got home…it never quite fills me up!)
  5. First day of Summer!! Woo hoo, the first day of summer! Even though it’s felt like summer for about three months now, it’s always fun when it’s officially official. We’ve had the heat to prove it, and the weather looks to stay nice and hot for weeks to come. Now here’s to hoping our summer doesn’t fly by too fast (can you believe the 4th of July is less than two weeks away!?!?).

What are your big summer plans?


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