Dad Date: Francie’s

After a week off, my dad and I were raring to go for our next lunch date. I was in charge of choosing the restaurant this time, and after giving my dad a list of a few places and describing the style, food, atmosphere of each a bit, we decided on Francie’s on Fleur. This little restaurant is tucked back off of Fleur, and is the perfect neighborhood bar and grill. The tiny restaurant displays fun pictures throughout and a plethora of wood paneling — it’s dimly light, tightly packed, and noisy from the TVs and chatter, making it the perfect little nook for both regulars and other diners seeking a tasty sandwich or burger. I’ve been a few times before this, so I knew my favorites: the French dip and the Club sandwich. I wasn’t in much of a roast beast mood, so I opted for the Club sandwich today, a toasty masterpiece with turkey, cheese, tomato, bacon, lettuce, and crispy white bread. My dad honed in on the Pork Tenderloin sandwich, unbreaded, and we both went with their tasty crinkle fries. And let’s not forget their homemade ranch. I could drink that stuff. Thankfully, I had my wits about me this afternoon and cut myself off after the first half of the sandwich (unlike my uncomfortably full dad), but it took some serious convincing since the sandwich was so delicious! At least this way, my mom got to enjoy it, too! Definitely some of the best sandwiches in Des Moines!

Francie’s lunch grade: A

Club sandwich — I couldn’t resist a quick bite before I took the pic!

Unbreaded Tenderloin.

If you have any thoughts on where we should dine next week, please share! We’d love some suggestions 🙂



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