Wine & Cheese Class

Last night I attended the Wine/Cheese class at The Cheese Shop. I previously had been to the Wine vs. Beer cheese class  and wanted to compare the two and see which one I like better for future classes 🙂 Of course, this class was lovely. CJ, the owner, is so incredibly knowledgeable about cheese and so personable that it makes the class fly by. And it doesn’t hurt that the cheese is outstanding (the wine isn’t too bad, either!).

However, between the two classes, I definitely prefer the Wine vs. Beer class. It’s a bit less formal, and you get to pair the three different cheeses with a specific wine and beer. This class format was quite a bit different. We had seven(!) different cheeses to sample and a red (cabernet sauvignon blen) and white (sauvignon blanc) wine to drink with the cheeses. Between the two, this class was definitely more focused on the cheeses. CJ was the only speaker, whereas the Wine vs. Beer class had a beer rep and a wine rep that discussed their particular products. Although CJ definitely kept the conversation interesting in the Wine/Cheese class, I think having the different speakers helps to break up the class and allows for everyone to interact a little bit better with eachother and with the experts. By the end of this class, I was quite close to a cheese coma…don’t get me wrong, I love my cheese, but I think with the seven different styles (and big servings of each!), it can get a bit overpowering, especially when you run out of bread 😉 Maybe a bit of proscuitto, jam, or olives would help out a bit? But then again, the class is a CHEESE class, so I should’ve known that I would be overdosing on cheese that evening.

All in all, amazing class…every time I’ve been to The Cheese Shop, whether it be for a class, an appetizer and a glass of wine, or just to pick up some cheese, it’s been a great experience. Everyone there is so friendly and knowledgeable about cheese that I don’t feel like an idiot asking questions. However, one thing that I learned last night that I need to share with you…

Gouda. Everyone pronounces it goo-da. Well, after last night, I realized the whole state of Iowa (and probably most of the U.S) has been pronouncing it wrong. According to CJ, it’s pronounced How-da (with a very throaty, roll off the roof of your mouth “how”). For real?! I’m pretty sure I’ll stick to the dumbed-down pronunciation so I don’t get any weird looks…

Have you been to any classes at The Cheese Shop? If so, what did you think!? My next class I HAVE to try is the sushi-making class at Waterfront Seafood Market. I have heard great things and am dying to try it!

The lovely cheese


Hi, Alisa!

Cheese students…

The aftermath.



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