Friday Funs!

Hello everyone, and Happy Friday! For some reason, short weeks seem to take a lot longer than long weeks…and that was definitely the case this week. But who cares, we made it! And guess what else? It’s June! Wow, time flies…I caught myself thinking about Christmas the other day, whoops! Anyways, I’ve had a great week, and, my top 5 for the week are… *drumroll please*

  1. No work on Monday. Obviously this made the list…wouldn’t it be great if we had three-day weekends at least once a month? Who wants to start a petition with me? I taught a 90-minute, kick-butt Fusion class at Gold’s Gym with some fellow instructors, and then lounged by the pool with Tracy. And then, of course, we followed it up with grilling at my parents. So delicious!

    Dawgs & Burgs

    Max’s Pesto Pasta Salad (post to come!)

    Mom’s Peach Pie = THE BEST!

  2. Funny Bone. We went to Funny Bone Comedy Club on Wed night and surprisingly, it was actually funny! Two of the comedians were definitely worth the Groupon, and it was something fun and different to do on a weeknight.
  3. Cafe di Scala. I’ve been dying to go back to Cafe di Scalaafter NYE, so Carrie and I went for dinner last night. It was delicious!! I ordered the salmon special and she ordered a pasta dish. But the best part? On Thursday nights, you can bring in your own wine and they waive the corkage fee! Definitely worth it.

    Salmon at Cafe di Scala

  4. Lena’s Birthday. Lena‘s big birthday bash is tomorrow! And to top it all off, she just found out she passed her nursing exam and is officially a nurse! (look out, world…) 🙂 So proud of her and can’t wait to help her celebrate. She definitely deserves it!
  5. Winefest Volunteer. Winefest begins this weekend through next weekend, and tomorrow, I get to volunteer for one of the events. I’m pretty excited! It’s being held at Meredith and I’ll be a “table ambassador” — sounds fancy, doesn’t it? — and help out with the cooking and pouring of wine…And I get free Winefest tickets out of the deal! You can’t really go wrong volunteering at an event centered around food and wine, right? It should be a fun day, and the weather is supposed to be gorgeous to top it all off. Bring on the weekend!

What are your weekend plans?



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