Friday Funs

Well, another week has come and gone and we’re THAT much closer to summer (even though it’s been summer temperatures for about two months now)! Can you believe Memorial Day weekend is next weekend!? Shocking…with the fabulous weather comes longer days. And with the longer days comes more fun things to do! I’ve had a great week, but narrowing down my top 5 faves:

  1. Mother’s Day. Max and I were fortunate enough to spend time with both of our moms on Mother’s Day this year! We were in Cedar Rapids with his mom, and once we got back to Des Moines, we went over to my parents’ new apartment for a relaxing dinner. We both have pretty good moms…thank you both for all that you do for us šŸ™‚
  2. Cooper’s Date. Tuesday night, Metta, Andy, Max, and I went to Cooper’s on 5th in Valley Junction for a late dinner date. We had been wanting to try it since it’s fairly new, and we were pleasantly surprised with the food! The menu isn’t overwhelming, and they offer a variety of sangrias, which obviously garnered my approval. To start our meal off, we split Spinach, Artichoke & Crab dip, which was very tasty! For the main course, Metta, Max, and I got pasta and Andy got a chicken philly sandwich. We were all happy with our choices, and I will definitely be trying Cooper’s again!
  3. Weekend of Parties. This weekend is jam-packed with events — just the way I like it! Saturday and Sunday I’ll be going to my coworkers’ daughters’ graduation parties. I haven’t hit a point in my life that I’ve felt “old,” but these parties might do the trick. Also on Sunday, a couple of my Gold’s Gym friends are having a big grand opening for their new riding school. Their daughter is opening a horse riding school, so we’ll be heading out there to support the cause! And last but not least, the ol’ slowpitch team is making its second appearance Sunday night…I feel a win in the near future!
  4. Pool, pool, and more pool. Not much to explain here…today it’s supposed to be near 90 degrees F, so I’ll be hitting the pool promptly after work! Tomorrow, Metta and Andy will be accompanying us after the grad parties for a little sun. Ahh, the perks of apartment living šŸ™‚
  5. Max’s Birthday Dinner. Yes, Max’s birthday was last weekend, but we will be having a miniature celebration with close family this weekend at Flying Mango! I’m really looking forward to it (although I always look forward to a reason to dress up and eat good food), and his parents are coming in town for dinner too!

Let’s get this weekend started! What’re your weekend plans?



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