Max’s Birthday

My wonderful boyfriend’s birthday was this weekend, and we decided to celebrate during the week since we were out of town for the actual big day. Even though he already knew about his “main” gift (cubs/hawkeyes tickets over Labor Day weekend!), I still got him a few smaller things to tide him over until September. One of those things was something I saw on Etsy and decided to make myself! It was a piece of cardstock with a bunch of heart cutouts of meaningful song lyrics. Since I have my trusty cricut, I figured I didn’t need to pay $60 for something I could replicate myself, and it ended up great! I chose an Eric Clapton song since it has some meaning for us, put it in a nice frame, and wrapped it up for him. Such a fun idea, especially for an anniversary gift or wedding gift! Thank goodness for my cricut, that sucker does everything 🙂





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