Cinco de Mayo Surprise!

This weekend, my brother and sister-in-law threw my parents a surprise going away-Cinco de Mayo party (which is why I had to be hush-hush about my weekend plans in the Friday Funs post. :)) Max and I went back to the good ol’ Quad Cities and joined a few of my parents’ friends for a last hurrah before their big move this weekend.

Nik and Rachel ended up making a smorgasbord of delicious Mexican food — and it was hands-down one of the best meals I’ve had in awhile (and the best fish tacos I’ve EVER had)! Nik caught the fish a few weeks prior to the party and froze it until he was ready to prep the Fish Tacos. The Mexican Grilled Corn and cake balls were fantastic as well, and we had plenty of dips, chips, and cocktails to accompany the main course.

In the next couple days I’ll be posting Nik’s delicious recipes (that he was kind enough to share with us!) in more detail as well as my drink recipe, but for now, here are a few fun party shots! Enjoy! 🙂

Party decor!

More party decor!

Calvin, begging…

More begging…


Rachel with the fish

Mom + girlfriends

The fish-frying king!

Dessert table!

What did you do for Cinco de Mayo?



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