Friday Funs.

Yippee, we made it through the work week! My top five favorite things this week (besides the fact that it was supposed to rain almost every day and DIDN’T!!!) are as follows…

  1. Happy May Day.May is here! My how the time flies. So many fun things to look forward to this month: Max’s birthday, our friends’ wedding, my parents’ official moving day, pool time…which brings me to #2…

    May Day flowers from my dad. AND they’re still alive!

  2. Pool day! Today is my first official pool day of the year. It’s supposed to be 85 and sunny! So far no sun, though, but since I’ll be in the office for the next few hours, I have faith that the sun will wake up by 3:00 pm.
  3. Max’s interview. Max had his long-awaited police department interview on Wednesday. He did great, of course, so now we just wait some more for news on the next step! It’s nice to have that weight lifted, though, for both him and me!
  4. Valley Junction Farmer’s Market. Last night, I tried out the Valley Junction Farmer’s Market for the first time. Very interesting crowd (we saw a fight) and not a whole lot of goods out quite yet, but it was a fun experience! And the live band is always a nice touch. Plus, I ran into my three favorite nieces” which makes it that much better!
  5. Cinco de Derby. Not that I really care too much about Cinco de Mayo (I was a French major) or the Kentucky Derby (I think horse racing is sort’ve cruel), but I do care about a good party. Plans aren’t finalized yet, but don’t worry, I’ll post about our fun next week!

Not so Friday Funs: Mosquitos are back…I think I was bit 5 times this morning letting Calvin out. YUCK!


What’re you doing to celebrate these monumental events this weekend?! Enjoy!



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