Friday Funs

Ladies and gentleman, Friday is here! Of course it would be gorgeous weather the last three days and chilly and windy today…but who cares, it’s Friday! Here are my top 5 faves from the week, in no particular order:

  1. Cheese Shop lunch date! Metta and I are going to The Cheese Shop of Des Moines for lunch today, and not just to sample cheese (although that would be well worth it, too!). They now offer lunches! And you can bet your bottom dollar each and every entree includes cheese. They just made my dream menu a reality…
  2. Lena’s Graduation. My dear friend Lena graduates from nursing school today! So proud of her 🙂 To celebrate, her family from the West/East coast flew in and we’re all going out to dinner at Centro. I’m very excited, who doesn’t love a good celebration!
  3. New shoes. I love new shoes just as much as the next girl, but when I get FREE shoes? The love is indescribable. Do you want free shoes? Check out DSW either here for Twitter (on Fridays) or here for Facebook (on Tuesdays), follow the instructions, and try to win a $50 giftcard. But be warned, I’m unstoppable. Twitter allows 10 winners/week and Facebook allows a whopping 50 (although the following is much bigger). Lucky for you, if you play soon you’ll have a greater chance of winning, since I’m banned from playing for a few more weeks (you have to wait 60 days before playing again after winning!) 😉 Check out the lovely shoes I got with my giftcards below!
  4. Niece date! Yesterday I went to Star Bar with the lovely Melanie and her lovely daughters (my pseudo nieces if you’re being technically correct (NIK), but we’ll go ahead and call them my nieces for simplicity’s sake.) It was great catching up with Mel and finding out 3-year-old Amyra’s aspirations for when she grows up 🙂
  5. Les Mills launch week. Every three months, the fitness classes I teach release new music/choreography for the instructors to learn. Well, after we learn it, we “launch” it to our members over the course of the week: hence, the title, launch week. It’s great to get together with all of the instructors you don’t normally teach with, and the new stuff is always a new challenge. If you live in Des Moines or plan on visiting and want to try out one of the AWESOME classes at our gym, let me know! We’d love to have you 🙂

Have a great weekend 🙂



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