Top Secret Eastah Pie.

On Friday Night, I helped Lena make her family’s traditional Italian-Catholic Easter pie…and although I’m not at liberty to share ANY details whatsoever of what goes into the pie and the overall process of it, I will share some fun photos from pie-making. Since I’m not Catholic, I was able to sample tidbits here and there during the pie-making process. And lucky for me, I got to take a pie home to share with my family! They loved it, obviously, since it was full of delicious meats and cheeses (that’s all the details you get!).

Thanks, Lena, for sharing your fun family tradition with me 🙂 However, I don’t thank you for the champagne during cooking that ultimately led me to the mall later that evening…having a cocktail before shopping is a poor life decision!

Chopping away!

Lena's professionally chopped eggs.

One of the many layers...

And another layer...

Into the oven they go!

All done! YUM!

Do you have any family Easter traditions?



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