Friday Funs.

Well it’s Friday…and what a week it has been! I’ve been busy, so my apologies for the lack of posts, I’ll be catching up tonight! My faves from the week are as follows:

  1. Easter weekend! My family comes tomorrow, my family comes tomorrow! We’re having a fun Easter weekend. Tomorrow night we’re staying in and having an Easter “egg” hunt for the guys/gals (See #3). Then we’re grilling and having some good drinks courtesy of Rachel and my mom! Sunday we’re going to Fleming’s for a fancy Easter brunch. Now fingers crossed for good weather!
  2. Learning a new tradition. I’m heading over to Miss Peloso’s apartment this afternoon to get a little lesson on her family’s Catholic tradition: Easter pie! She’s whipping up a pie for the weekend, filled with meats and cheeses (mmm my favorite!)! It’ll be a great kick-start to the weekend.
  3. My dog isn’t dead.Turns out my dog likes ruining surprises and eating chocolate a bit more than I do. Max, my brother, and my dad had some cute Easter baskets planned for the Easter weekend fun, and Calvin took it upon himself to personally inspect and devour each piece of chocolate (And lots of it: fudge-filled eggs, chocolate-covered oreos, chocolate-covered rice krispies…). And then, bless his heart, allowed me to inspect it after it came back up later in the night, foil wrappers and all. Let’s just say that although I was FURIOUS last night (not only because he was sick but because my chocolate was gone), it made for a pretty good story today. Now if we could just get the sickening sweet chocolate smell out of our apartment…

    Not feeling so hot...

  4. Ugly bunnies. I love baking, if only it were as easy as the recipes make it out to be. Wednesday night I decided to make a special Easter treat for work, and well, the recipelooked easier than it actually was. I didn’t opt for the most difficult, intricate recipe out there, and it still looked cute and festive, but needless to say, the bunnies didn’t turn out how they were supposed to…They were still fun to eat, though! And it’s safe to say my work buddies enjoyed them, since I went home with an empty container đŸ™‚

    How they were SUPPOSED to look...

    The finished product...womp, womp.

  5. Cupcake night.I’m trying my hand at another sweet tonight…lemon cupcakes. And there’s no fancy decorating involved (thank goodness). Wish me luck, future post to come!If you celebrate Easter, what’re your big plans?N

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