Friday Funs.

It’s Fridayyyy…this week didn’t go very quickly…but who cares because Friday is here! As for my top five fave things from the past week, I had a difficult time choosing, but here goes nothin’:

  1. Wine, wine, and more wine. This week was a seriously bad cheat week for me as far as food and drinks were concerned. However, every once in awhile you have to take advantage of fun things that are going on, and this week just happened to have a lot of them! Monday night I went to an at-home wine tasting at my friend Alisa’s apartment, and we had some wine and homemade treats! Check out the amazing Tiramisu cupcakes she made below…what a little baker! For the recipe, visit her blog here and whip some of these up! Tuesday night I went to the Cheese Shop for the Wine vs. Beer class (check that post out here), and had some more wine. See #2 and #3 for my other wine evenings…
  2. My mom visited. And she chose an apartment to live in while their house is being built this summer/fall! It’s within walking/bike riding distance from our apartment, so you can bet we’re going to be seeing a lot of eachother this summer. My dad is already mapping out all of the Iowa Cubs games this summer 🙂 We celebrated on Wednesday night with, you guessed it, wine (and Gusto pizza!).
  3. Jessie’s birthday!Last night we went out for sushi to celebrate (there was wine involved, but a limited amount this time!) and tomorrow we’re going to Blue Moon piano bar for an enlarged celebration. So fun!

    Sake for the Birthday girl!

  4. Chicago trip BOOKED!Max and I are going to Chicago for Labor Day and booked our trip today through my company, Meredith. We get to take a charter bus there and see a Cubs game AND a Hawkeye game (at Soldier Field!), all in one weekend. I’m pretty excited, so many things to look forward to! And this time, hopefully we won’t have any rain! (Last year, our Cubs game got rain delayed 3 hours!) Now if only my bank account could automatically replenish itself…

    Rainy Cubs game, 2011

  5. Flowers. I get to look at these beautiful trees each time I leave and return to my apartment. Aside from allergies, I love spring 🙂

Happy Friday! What’re your weekend plans?



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