Beer vs. Wine vs. Cheese, please.

I love me some cheese. I love cheese even more when you throw wine/beer into the mix. And that’s exactly what I got at The Cheese Shop last night. The Cheese Shop is a fantastic, locally-owned cheese shop (obviously), that specializes in American artisan cheeses. Last night they hosted a Beer vs. Wine class, and it was a blast!

Class breakdown: First, we got a delicious little champagne cocktail — German Gilabert cava + Sam Smith organic cider — delicious. Then, they paired a piece of cheese with both a beer (all Sam Smith beers) and a wine (all amazing!!! Gulfi Sicilian wines), and the class (secretly) wrote down which they preferred. And at the end of class, the votes were tallied and we found out who won. Wine won last night (woo hoo!), and I voted wine 2/3 when paired with the cheeses. I DEFINITELY recommend this class for any cheese lovers out there, and even if you’re not or don’t know much about cheese, try this class. CJ, the owner, is so knowledgeable about cheese and presents it in a non-stuffy way that makes learning fun (I never thought I’d hear myself say that…), and the wine/beer experts were fun to listen to, too! Needless to say, I ended up buying a lot…but hey, I want to support local businesses, and this one is a great one. To sign up for a class, call their store (515-528-8181) or e-mail CJ ( to ask when the next available classes are. I’m pretty sure they’re $30/person, and the spots fill up quickly, so reserve your spot today (I’m already registered for June!).

Getting set up!

Yummm wine and beer! My new all-time favorite wine has been discovered in this class: Gulfi Cajcanti (pronounced Care-aye-canté). Similar to a chardonnay, this rare Sicilian wine is completely organic, unoaked, and reminds me of La Crema (one of my favorite chardonnays), only better! It paired great with the nuttiness of the cheeses!

The lovely spread.

The cheeses were magnificent. Each had a ton of flavor and paired perfectly with both drinks…My favorite? It was a tie between the creamy goat cheese and the nutty & caramely comté!

Cheese! (left to right: Zingerman's Creamery goat cheese, Comté, Neal's Yard Dairy Stilton bleu cheese)


6 thoughts on “Beer vs. Wine vs. Cheese, please.

  1. Wow, that cheese looks good. I am all about cheese…I actually end up frequently ranting about it on my site.

    Now seeing that goat cheese in the photo makes me realize what I want for dinner tonight….

    Oh. and if you like Comte, try a good cave aged Gruyere (look for around 20 months or so). This has got to be one of the best cheeses out there.

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