Friday Funs!

Yayyy it’s Friday and the sun is shining (finally!). The spring is rapidly approaching (maybe a bit too rapidly), and all of the trees are beginning to bloom! My personal favorite is the cherry blossom tree…when I have a house, those are a necessity for my yard, so beautiful! Here we go, top Funs for the week…

  1. Lazy weekend. I can say, for once, that I’m going into this weekend with hardlyany plans! It’s been awhile since we’ve had a free weekend to do whatever we want. Max and I have a couple’s date night tomorrow night with Miss Peloso and Mr. Bruner, and I’m looking forward to that! And perhaps a long bikeride is in store as well? The possibilities are endless… πŸ™‚

    Photo Courtesy of Stephen Sisler,

  2. Rainy week.Although I don’t like the rain, I do like what it’s done to my surroundings. The grass is green and the plants are in bloom! I’m not naive, though, I know that we’ve had snow at the end of April before, but this weather can’t help but put me in a good mood! However, cleaning Calvin after dirty walks is NOT the most fun…

    Calvin after a bath.

  3. Hunger Games is out! I’m a total book nerd, and this movie adaptation, unlike Twilight, looks to be pretty accurate! I’m really excited to see it, just like every other 12-30 year old girl (and guy, don’t be embarrassed!) in the country.
  4. Date night. Yes, I have a stand-in boyfriend while mine is at work. And his name is Ryan Foo! I love our little date nights, and even though his wallet was stolen last night (she better watch out, Ryan teaches Combat…), we still have something to celebrate. Ryan is quickly on his way to becoming a Les MillsBody Pump trainer!! So cool!! We’re going to Alba tonight…I’ll make sure to post some delicious food pics πŸ˜‰

    Bruschetta from previous Alba visit!

  5. Live Healthy Goals. Although I’ve been sort of slacking lately in my little foodie/exercise group with girlfriends, I took my measurements and all that fun stuff last night and was proud to see that I’m SUPER close to my goal! It’s great knowing that simply by watching portion size and being conscious of what I’m eating, I’m able to make a positive lifestyle change that’s actually maintainable and not just a phase. AND I’ve managed to do this while taking Fridays and Saturdays off completely and eating/drinking whatever I dang well please. I’ll give myself a little pat on the back πŸ™‚ Now, bring on swimsuit season!!

What fun things did you do this week/have in store for next week!?



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