Friday (Belated) Funs

I’m a bit behind on last week’s funs, but better late than never! I had a SUPER busy (and short) week, and have another one to look forward to this week! So here goes last week’s top five thangs…

  1. Chicago Quarterly! For those of you that don’t know what (or who) Les Mills is, it’s a crazy awesome fitness company based out of New Zealand that offers some of the best fitness classes in the world. I’m lucky enough to teach three different formats (BodyStep, BodyAttack (a cardio class), and CXWorx (a core class)), but there are even more out there that are awesome! So this weekend, I went with some gym friends to Chicago for a Les Mills quarterly on Friday…basically, what that entails is a full day of working out to all of the programs that Les Mills offers and having some of the best instructors/trainers around the country and the world teach some of the new choreography/music. It was AWESOME! All in all, I did six classes, so I definitely needed today as a day of recovery…totally worth it, though, and the group I went with was a total blast!


    With our CX trainer, Lesley!

  2. It’s March!!! So happy that winter is moving out and spring is moving in!! There are so many great things to look forward to this spring/summer…plus, the smell of spring and the birds chirping puts me in such a great mood. 🙂
  3. Wine/Cheese Night. Thursday night I went over to a good friend’s boyfriend’s place for a date night…we had delicious food and hilarious conversations. Such a nice end to the quick week, and I can never pass up good cheese 🙂 I made some bruschetta…yum!


    Too much fun? Never!

  4. My parents OFFICIALLY own property in Des Moines! Yes, this has been a rollercoaster, but I am so happy to finally say that they decided on a great piece of property and will start the building process shortly…I can’t wait to take part in it and have them so close! Lots of dinners and movie nights in the near future, that’s for sure.
  5. The little things. I love surprises, and my lovely boyfriend surprised me with flowers and a bottle of wine on Wednesday night…so lucky to be loved. Image

What did you do last week!? Anything fun planned for this week?



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