Friday Funs

This week FLEW by! Anyone else feel the same way? We had some great 50 degree F weather, but it was quickly followed by snow…ahh spring in top 5 from the week are as follows…

1. Sushi date. I can’t get enough of it! On Monday, Lena and I used one of my coupons to try a sushi place in the Kaleidoscope Mall in the downtown skywalk. The sushi place was Happi Sushi, and supposedly they’re the same people who own Miyabi 9 in the East Village. The sushi was pretty good for the little place! I’d definitely try it again 🙂

2. Dinner to Skip’s. Wednesday night, we met up with two other couples for a fun night out. First, we ate at Skip’s on Fleur. The food was pretty good, nothing fantastic, but it was a fun atmosphere and great company! Then, we spontaneously went to a hole-in-the-wall bar called All in the Family…surprise, surprise, it was karaoke night! Let’s just say, it was extremely entertaining…if you’re over on Fleur, try it out 🙂

3. HAIRBALL! If you love 80s hair bands, be jealous. Hairball dresses up like each different band they cover, and I’ve heard they’re AWESOME! Thanks to my friend Tracy, we’ll be going to their concert on Saturday evening. Who would’ve thought I’d be going to the Iowa State Fairgrounds back-to-back weekends…hmm…

4. Cheese/Wine Night. Two of my best girlfriends and I are getting together tonight and having a fancy girl’s night. We’re hitting up The Cheese Shop after work for some delicious cheeses, pairing them with wine, and making a few things…and then feasting and gossiping all night. I can’t wait!!! Don’t worry, I’ll take plenty of pictures and post the delicious recipes of the food we plan to make 🙂

5. Parent’s Weekend. Yay, my parents are coming into town this weekend! Just a short trip, but I always love when they visit…and I like to have people stay at my apartment, too! It makes me feel grown up…We’re going out to a fun dinner and they’re going to the Hairball concert with us. Pray for them…

Runner-up: The next two weeks I have Friday off. Two long weekends in a row? Too good to be true!

That’s my exciting week/weekend. What do you have planned for the weekend?


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