Friday “Funs”

As this whole blog thing is still pretty new, I’m still tweaking things and deciding what I want to write about. After reflecting on the past week, it looks like my main focus is health, food, and crafty things, depending on what I’m currently cooking/making/eating! I’ve decided to use Fridays as a day of reflection in general: on what was good throughout the past week; what wasn’t so good; fun things I did that I didn’t include in a post; and for you to let me know what was good/bad about your week, no matter what the topic! It’s just a little recap on your overall thoughts, or even on what you’re looking forward to in the coming week! I’m going to call them “funs,” even though my #3 this week is still up in the air for how fun it actually is…

My top 5 “funs”:

  1. I started a blog! Yay! It’s been so much fun writing this past week and having such great feedback from all of you. Please keep it coming, and share my blog with anyone you think would be interested in it! Oh, and subscribe! You don’t have to be a member of WordPress, you can simply use your e-mail address and get my posts delivered right to your in-box! I couldn’t think of anything I’d love more… 🙂
  2. I packed my lunch all five days this week! This is something I’m pretty proud of. For some people, this is routine, and to those people I say, you have discipline. Having a job right downtown and a cafeteria in the building makes it difficult to say no when I’m asked to lunch or to walk downstairs and grab a bite. And even though our cafeteria offers healthy choices, I often get swept up in the not-so-healthy ones…Plus, for food-tracking sake, packing my lunch allows me to know exactly what to track, rather than trying to guess between 450 turkey sandwich on wheat entries. I ran errands and Max came to eat with me, and I still packed my lunch both those days! The force is strong with this one. I’m giving myself a pat on the back as we speak.
  3. I’m running the Flannel Run tomorrow morning with Max, Lena, Kelsey, and Ben. I’m still trying to decide if this is a good thing or a bad thing…The Flannel Run is a 5-mile run in downtown Des Moines. Now, that doesn’t sound too bad, but tomorrow morning is supposed to be one of the coldest mornings. Joy. I love running outside, but in freezing weather with wind whipping in my face? No bueno. So say a little prayer for me when you’re just waking up in your warm bed tomorrow. I’ll be wearing flannel, freezing my butt off.
  4. More Les Mills classes! I am now working 30 hours a week, and it’s been a positive change so far. To offset the 10 free hours I now have, I plan to start teaching more fitness classes so that I don’t end up vegging out on the couch and watching mindless amounts of TV. As much as I would love to do that, staying active is so much more rewarding! And this way, I have no excuse of skipping out on the gym if I’m obligated to be there. Come join me 🙂
  5. Happy Hour tonight!Yes, today is one of my cheat days, and for that, I’m going to Happy Hour with my small friend, Lena. We’re going to Fleming’s for a fun cocktail (or two) and an app. It’s nice to catch up with a good friend, and I’m looking forward to it for a great finish to my work week!

    Lena & I

What were the highlights of your week? Any fun plans for the weekend?


2 thoughts on “Friday “Funs”

  1. Actually I made it in twice 🙂 nice pic of me haha. And by the way, you forgot Kelsey in number 3! See you soon for some food cheating at happy hour!

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