Sushi Date!

Now, if there is one thing I can’t get enough of, it’s sushi. Yes, I live in Des Moines, the center of the United States, and you may be thinking to yourself, “sushi? she can’t be serious…” But I am! There are quite a few noteworthy sushi restaurants in Des Moines, for Iowa. Don’t hate…

Anyways, my good friend and stand-in boyfriend, Ryan Foo, decided to show me the “good stuff” at sushi restaurants as he is from Malaysia, so he took my friend Tracy and I out to dinner on Friday night. We went to Cool Basil, which is technically a Thai restaurant, in Clive and sat up at the sushi bar for the full sushi experience. We started out with some delicious chicken satay skewers and a sampler platter of nigiri (I chose salmon and yellowfin), california roll, and seaweed salad (MY FAVORITE!). After that, we moved on to the good stuff: rolls galore. Ryan ordered a catfish dish, too, which was surprisingly good for catfish. It was soaked in a curry-base sauce, with white rice and vegetables. But the best part? The Green Dragon roll (pictured above). It was delicious…and no cream cheese or mayo, which I usually am drawn to. And to that, Ryan would say, “You are such an American…”

And another little treasure I’ve never tried that was delicious? Thai iced tea..the secret? Sweet condensed milk…how could you really go wrong with that? 🙂

Ryan and I. The Green Dragon is looking at you!

Tracy & I with our rolls!

2 thoughts on “Sushi Date!

  1. Look, it’s all the stuff I always talk about…at Viet/SE Asian places, it’s strong black coffee, almost espresso, with condensed milk.Cafe sua da, I believe. Looks good, but I wouldn’t rank Cool Basil as one of the best around for sushi. Nice blog, I will lurk here.

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