Snack Attack

I love to snack. Whether I’m at work, on a car ride, or watching TV, it’s always better if I have something to munch on. And it’s actually good for your body, too, if you snack on the right things! A lot of small meals here and there help you to not have a huge calorie-loaded meal later on. I’m part of a healthy goals group with a few girlfriends, and we’ve been sharing some good tips and recipes that we’ve found since we started our group. Healthy snack choices was one of the topics brought up, so I figured I’d share some of my favorite munchies!

  • Fruit: You can’t go wrong with a piece of fruit! From bananas to clementines to kiwis, the possibilities are endless. My go-to fruits right now? Mangoes! I cut them up for a sweet treat after dinner.

    Photo Courtesy of Pinkberry (

  • Annie’s Organic Snack Mix: I love cheese and salty things, so this snack mix is perfect to curb my cravings without going overboard. Available in the health food section at the grocery store, this snack mix has cheddar and butter crackers and pretzels. And the best part? They’re in bunny shapes! For some reason, animal-shape foods just taste so much better…
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  • Edamame: You don’t need to wait for the next time you’re at an Asian restaurant to have this little snack. Edamame is sold in frozen sections of grocery stores, and is sometimes in the organic produce section. I like to buy the frozen bags so that it doesn’t go to waste, and cook up what I’ll eat for the week. All you do is boil them and let them cool, then lightly salt and enjoy! For some reason, I like snacks that require a little bit of work to eat…for that reason, I buy the shelled edamame, but it’s available either way 🙂

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  • Apple + Caramel: Marzetti sells individual, fat-free caramel dips for your apples. They’re perfect for snacking so you don’t end up eating way too much caramel (common issue for me — ‘would you like an apple with that caramel?’).

    Photo Courtesy of Marzetti (

  • Banana + 1 TB of Peanut Butter: An oldie but goodie. Helps curb an after-dinner sweet craving!
  • Fat-Free Yogurt + Bear Naked Fit Granola: To be honest, I hate yogurt. The texture grosses me out, and I get bored of it after two bites. However, I need my calcium somehow, so I make the most of it. Bear Naked Fit granola gives it a better consistency and makes it tolerable. I buy the Triple Berry Crunch granola and add a little scoop to my yogurt. Another thing to try adding? Wheatgerm!

    Photo Courtesy of Bear Naked (

  • Special K Fruit Crisps: Offered in blueberry and strawberry flavors, these crisp, fruit wafers are a nice, 100-calorie snack to get you through the midday grind. I prefer the blueberry 🙂

    Photo Courtesy of Special K (

  • Pistachios: Again with the difficult to eat snacks…I always buy shelled pistachios. It must be the thrill of cracking it open to get my prize (always a competition with me…). Plus, I eat so fast, this slows me down a bit! These are also available shelled, if you’re not into the cracking.

    Photo Courtesy of Testing It Up blog (

  • Dark-Chocolate Covered Goji Berries: My mom introduced me to these little gems. Goji berries are rich in antioxidants and are a healthy powerhouse. They provide tons of health benefits, and when you add dark chocolate to the mix, you can’t go wrong! These can be a bit difficult to find. Try the health food section of your grocery store in the aisle with trail mixes and dried fruits. If you have a health food store nearby, your best bet is to try there first.

    Photo Courtesy of Extreme Health USA (

Those are just a few of my favorite snacks…what are your faves?



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