A Blog. How Original.

It’s recently come to my attention that I have a slight obsession with something. Food. Whether I’m thinking about it, posting pictures of it, or talking to friends about it, it’s a major part of my life (and not in the, keeping me alive sort of way). And so, I figured what better way to track my mindless ramblings about the delicious food I eat than on a blog. And that way, I’m not constantly blowing up your Facebook and Twitter newsfeed with pictures of delicious food (although who WOULDN’T want to see that!? And let’s be honest, I’ll still post SOME pictures there…)

So what will come with this blog? I promise to provide mouth-watering pictures of food that I’ve made or purchased in the abounding Des Moines restaurants and little reviews or recipes as well. If you like something, or want more info on it, TELL ME! I’ll be happy to provide you with as much info about it as I have.

No, I’m not a professional chef or a foodie. I’m just a semi-ordinary girl who loves to eat good food and try new things — whether that’s recipes or restaurants. And I welcome any suggestions of things I should try to make!

So without further ado, here is a little something I made yesterday. My friend Metta and I made cake balls this weekend for her Super Ball party (clever, right?) Most of the food provided was in a ball shape, hence the name of the party. I made a Mediterranean dip with pita rounds. Our cake balls are a simple BHG (bhg.com) recipe — devil’s food and yellow cake with chocolate and vanilla frosting, respectively. SO delicious! I had to limit myself to one today after my crazy food weekend šŸ™‚

Bon Appetit!



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